This months TBR (To Be Read) will be four books.

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Forever: The final instalment of the shiver series. This book I have been putting off, but I am going to be picking it up to finish off this series. The first two books (full book reviews once I finish this book) were very predictable but still enjoyable. I can see why these books are very popular with a YA audience, but for more mature readers this will probably fall short. I hope this book is going to have a good ending and I won’t be disappointed. (fantasy,series, werewolves, teen, romance, school, YA, fiction)

The Pledge: This book was recommended to me while I was on a YA dystopian binge. The plot of this book seemed interesting, with language being a sign of class in a kind of caste’ system, although I am wary, I hopefully will enjoy this book. (dystopian, YA, fiction, romance, teen, series, language, fantasy).

A Discovery of Witches: This book just seemed right up my alley. Adult fiction involving vampires, witches, demons and a hint of romance. Although romance in fiction can get a little old, from what I have read so far (about 100 pages in) the build up of romantic tension between the two main characters isn’t overwhelming to the plot-line. So far I am really enjoying it, and although I am only a short way through the book, I will be doing a good in depth review once it is finished. (witches, vampires, demons, fantasy, adult fiction, fiction, romance)

White is for Witching: I have read a bit of this book in July, however I just wasn’t feeling it and put it down. A more in depth review will be up after I finish it, but so far its OK, but nothing spectacular, not something I feel like is revolutionary. The book follows the story of a family who lives in a haunted house, and the tolls it has taken predominately on the woman who have lived in this house for generations. (haunted, mental illness, eating disorders, witches, fantasy, fiction, YA, gothic)



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