Book design: I really love the cover, yet again I wished I had bought the hardcover as this book was my favourite book on june, and certainly one of my favourites of 2014. I feel like the whole “eye” thing has been well and truly over done by book cover designers, and I much prefer the black grey and yellow hard cover.

Writing style/ Layout: This book is written from duel perspectives. You get to know the characters, one through her lifetime as a young girl living rough, to her growth into adulthood and how she grows into her powers as a “poet”. On the other hand we get to see Wil, a man who has an altered memory, immune to a poets powers of persuasion, and kidnapped. The stories do eventually overlap and then it continues from there. After each chapter we are also given a news article, website article, ect which is from the media or publics perspective of the larger picture. 

What I didn’t like: There wasn’t much I didn’t like. Many people have complained that this book has a predicable romance, but I didn’t mind it. Although I did feel like the voices of the characters (Wil and the eventual unveiling of his past/ end self) didn’t seem to quite match up. This might be that one had a past that changed him/how he felt ect, while the other acted different because they were a blank slate. Regardless they are very different male personalities, and I assume this is a point made by the author, but I felt they were so dissimilar that they were not the same person at all. 

What I did like: This was a brilliant read. Insightful, witty, great plot, great concept and was very original. I also like the fact it was partly set in Australia, and as an Aussie, its hard to find many sci-fi/ fiction books set in Australia. I have recommended this to friends, and will be reading it again. Curious to read more of Max Barry’s other novels.


Adult, Fiction, Australia, language, School, Fantasy, Thriller, Suspense, Romance.


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